Simon Wheatley, CellNass Operations Manager - 1 year on

Congratulations on completing your first year- safe to say it’s not quite what you expected. 


How have you found your first year the role?

Well, thanks to the pandemic it’s been different to what we all expected but I’ve still enjoyed it. Most of my first year has been spent under pandemic conditions so I’m now used to working this way.


How has the pandemic affected your day to day work?

We had a brief slow spell at the start of the pandemic back in March when hospitals decided to stop uplifts temporarily to minimise numbers on site. This meant a few of our team members were furloughed but as soon as work picked up again we were able to bring them all back. Across the company, we’ve been able to avoid making anyone redundant which is brilliant. The lull also gave us a chance to source PPE and ensure our operations here were as safe as possible.

We’re now back to offering our full service and remain flexible to our customer's needs. We have additional PPE for all employees travelling on uplifts and are keeping our hardworking team based permanently in Newtown safe.

One change we’ve made that has really helped us during the pandemic is sending out a questionnaire before we visit a site. This means we know about access to the site and any new restrictions due to Covid ahead of time.


What can we look forward to in the future of CellNass?

Getting warehouse 4 up and running! The new building is mostly up so we’re excited to get in and work in there.

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