The CellNass Process

From Initial uplift to material retrieval, CellNass provide a complete solution to our Cellular Pathology customers

With our extensive knowledge of the day-to-day running of Pathology services, we have developed CellNass in such a way as to minimise disruption to your services.

The CellNass Process - From Uplift to Retrieval

1. Initial & Ongoing Uplifts

Material is collected from your site by our team of experts and transported to the CellNass facility.

Our staff will ensure that material is packaged securely for transportation to avoid any potential damage.

2. Cataloguing

After your specimens are brought back to the CellNass facility, they are entered onto our CellTrak archive management system, which provides full traceability of your material.

Our internal quality control procedures ensure the accuracy of all entries.

3. Offsite Long Term Archiving

Once catalogued, packages are stored in our purpose built facility. Using the latest environmental monitoring technologies, we ensure that correct temperature and humidity are maintained. Access control, CCTV and sprinkler protection also safeguards the archive from intruders and potential fire outbreaks.

4. Material Recalls

What sets CellNass apart from other archiving businesses is our rapid, accurate and seamless recall process. As a CellNass customer, you can request an item at any time, and if done before 12 noon can be delivered next day.

Requests for a recall can be made through our designated web-based CellTrak archive management system, something only CellNass offers to the market. 

When you request a return of material, our dedicated team will quickly obtain the correct item and send it back to you. We are very conscious of the need for accuracy at all stages of the recall process, incorporating an internal quality control procedure whereby materials is double checked at each stage of the process. 

When finished, recalled material is returned to CellNass via a scheduled collection. Once materials arrive back at the CellNass facility, it is audited and returned safely to the archive.

5. Disposal

When material is no longer wanted or required in our storage facility, we can either dispose of the material on your behalf or ensure its safe return to the customer.